EAGLE – Following the sun around the world

22 June 2011, Bochum – The SolarCar-Team of the University of Applied Sciences in Bochum – one of CadSoft’s sponsorships – has presented its new Solar World GT. A car with around 5 PS and 300kg of weight reaching a top speed of 120 km/h. An amazing result for a car using only the energy of the sun through solar panels on the roof.“Each module you can imagine, starting with a simple power adaptor via the motor control module up to the battery management system developed in-house, is developed by us using EAGLE. In this case, EAGLE is a one-stop solution. Firstly, it can be used to create circuit plans and layouts, ranging from simple to complex. EAGLE makes it child’s play to optimize the size of the board or the general arrangement of components. Since elements such as the required training period and efficiency (one program for all) are our top priority, and the set-up has allowed all students, even those without any previous knowledge, to get to grips with the operation in just a few hours, the EAGLE softwarepackage from CadSoft has become a standard tool, which we cannot do without.” Felix Burmeister, Head of Students, E-Technik, SolarCar-Team.The University of Bochum is convinced of EAGLE’s quality and has started this semester with seminars on EAGLE, which have already established as a “must have” for students in electrical engineering.Also North-Rhine Westphalia’s Minister of Science and Research – Svenja Schulze – was excited about the Solar World GT and has complemented the engagement of sponsors, who have made this project realizable. The world tour on which they will compete on all continents against international university teams in the Solar Challenge will start in October in Australia and last over 18 months. We wish good luck and cross our fingers.

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