EAGLE VERSION 6.3 available now!!!!

The new version is  a bugfix release. Nevertheless it contains new features, such as:Control Panel PreviewPreview extensions for board and schematic. Sheet descriptions and size information are also displayed.Beside file path indication of the date and size of the currently selected file in the status bar.User LanguageNew access options for V6-improvements (i.e. various Pad forms) through User LanguageDimension commandSelection of retangles and origins of elements or parts.Snap to objects on defining the second dimension point.Text commandNow text objects can contain more than one line.Line distance can be set.Miscellaneous:DesignLink: Search text field with history and filtering of results.PCB Quote Service: Quote parameters now go to element14, where regional specific partners are offered. Parameters forassembly service were added.For more detailed information check out the releasenotes

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