EAGLE top resellers of the year rewarded

CadSoft, home of the successful PCB design software EAGLE, has awarded its top resellers 2013 for the regions Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.Stratford Digital (USA, Canada), CADware (Czech Republic) and Circuit Boards Service (Japan) have been selected as CadSoft’s resellers of the year for 2013 based on their effort and success in selling EAGLE.“We recognize Stratford Digital’s, CADware’s and Circuit Boards Service’s long-term commitment and great performance over many years and are delighted to award them as our Resellers of the year 2013. It is also thanks to their contribution that EAGLE – which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year – remains successful and valuable to customers worldwide. All three companies have a very long business relationship to CadSoft and deliver the world-class service in their regions that EAGLE users expect”, says Thomas Liratsch, General Manager of CadSoft Computer.Besides being the first North American distributor to offer online sales of EAGLE licenses, Stratford Digital also offers custom tools, training, and design services for many EAGLE customers. The free web-interface that they maintain at www.eaglecentral.ca/forums provides a great service to the EAGLE community.CADware has been successfully selling CAM- / CAE- Software and plotters for board manufacturing for over 21 years. EAGLE benefits from their experience and from the close relationship to this Czech company that also publishes its own electronic magazine, namely DPS.Circuit Boards Service has established EAGLE in the Japanese market and, thanks to their sales and regional marketing engagement, Japan is now one of the key markets for CadSoft in the Asia-Pacific region. Circuit Boards Service focuses on plotters for PCB fabrication, professional CAD Software and automatic test equipment.

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