Change to EAGLE v7 License Management

Dear Valued EAGLE Customer,

With the release of EAGLE v7, CadSoft Computer introduced a new License Management system for EAGLE in order to better protect our intellectual property and offer more flexibility and control to customers with multi-user licenses on a network. During the two weeks since the launch of EAGLE v7, we have been listening carefully to your constructive feedback and concerns about the new License Management technology and have decided to remove the license management features from EAGLE v7.CadSoft Computer has always, and will always, put the customer needs at the focus of everything we do. We understand that for a large group of our customers the current License Management is causing limitations or is simply not usable in your current work flow. Therefore, we have decided to withdraw the new License Management system with immediate effect. As of the 11th of August, 2014, all new EAGLE licenses will be delivered without a License Management Tool.  All current EAGLE v7.0 licenses will when upgraded to v7.1 move back to the previous license model.The V7 License management system and user rights will be identical to those in EAGLE V6.We will release a new Version V7.1 of EAGLE on Monday the 11th of August, which will be available for download from our Website.If you have just installed V7, or have already upgraded to V7 then please contact our License Management teams (by providing your serial number) or and they will supply you with a new license once Version 7.1 is available.If you have not yet upgraded to V7 then you can upgrade to V7.1 in the usual manner via our Webshop or with the support of our License Management Teams.We listened, we learned and we support you. Only with your input can we stay on the road to success that we have been traveling on together for the last few years.Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience with this.Best regards,Thomas LiratschManaging Director CadSoft Computer GmbH_______________________________________________________________________The current beta test version is available here.

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